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Nail in my tire …


Leaving the job site yesterday, I knew I ran over a nail. Fortunately I can get it patched this morning. Then my work day will begin. It’s going to be a busy today!

I need 22, 222 subscribers to be debt free!

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How many days in a row can I work out?

Starting today, July 25th, I’m going to work out once a day for as many days in a row that I can go. Currently, the little dude is sleeping, so now is the best time to start a 45-minute workout based online that I can do at home. I’ll let you know how it goes.

7/25: Check – 4 pm MST

7/26: Check – 4 pm MST

7/27: I missed this day. 😦

7/28: Check – 5 pm MST


I Just Did This — 1,000 Darts for Nerf Guns

Sheltering-in-place, working from home, going virtual, social distancing, pandemic. These are not typical phrases in our world, but as the coronavirus sweeps the globe we are beginning to reckon with what lies ahead.

In the absence of school, work, and goofing around at the playground, we intend to shoot darts at each other. #SendHelp