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Ashley is absolutely the best locator you can work with in DFW. From my first conversation with her, I could tell she was dependable, sincere, and extremely hard working. Over the course of six months, I changed my ideal location 4 or 5 times.

Ashley never failed to follow up with me to request my feedback and further assistance. You can always tell she’s wearing a smile and enjoys helping those in need. I can’t thank her enough for sticking with me throughout my moving extravaganza.

I greatly appreciate her help, advice, as well as her friendship. Thanks again, Ashley!

Daniel Bond

Ashley’s service was absolutely phenomenal. From the moment I inquired about a place, she immediately contacted me about not only my desired location but other related alternatives that I wouldn’t have otherwise found.

In the fast moving NYC real estate market, Ashley was quick and decisive in helping me find the perfect spot. As a first time renter, Ashley never left my side through the whole process, making sure to follow up often and provide key insights when needed.

I can’t thank her enough for helping me bring down the prices significantly as well. Not only did she make the process seamless from start to finish, but she followed up with great recommendations, checked in on my moving process, and ensured that I was fully settled into my new spot.

Ashley’s dedication to helping me find the perfect place was unmatched, and I will recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

Keith Ganesh