Moving to Denver, Colorado!

I’ve already set up the apartment and it is ready to receive the little guy tomorrow evening. We leave at 9:55 pm CST and arrive at 10:55 pm MST. He’ll be asleep, of course, and I will mostly likely be carrying him, my backpack, and his suitcase across the parking lot to my car. But such is life.

We will live in a highrise apartment on Broadway and 18th, in the heart of downtown Denver and he will attend the Downtown Denver Expeditionary School.

One thought on “Moving to Denver, Colorado!

  1. Ashley and Layton,

    Although extremely sad and selfishly so, we want Layton and you to be happy, safe and secure. The school sounds like an amazing opportunity for the little guy. Always let him know how very much he is loved by his Texas MiMi and Poppy! All the best in your future endeavor and may God guide your steps and continue to bless you both. 🥰❤️

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