365 Days of Blogging – Day 4 [January 5th] Part III

Welp, another day with Eli, the owner’s son, and then maybe … just MAYBE we can finally head into the city. I want to take him to the LEGO store and to a Broadway show of some sorts. Our unplanned adventures have turned into staying warm inside our Airbnb. I’m not dissapointed. I was yesterday, but it is sooooo dang cold. If we don’t get out the moment I am finished with work, while the sun is out, we should really just stay in.

HOWEVER! Eli goes back to school tomorrow, so Layton will be without his friend and we will have to go into the city to entertain ourselves. We leave on Wednesday, so that gives us two opportunities (Mon./Tues.) to make something fun happen. We will NOT leave this place without making it to NYC. That would simply be ridiculous.

That’s all for now. More to come.

– Ashley

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