365 Days of Blogging – Day 4 [January 5th] Part II

I just purchased the Ninjago LEGO movie on Amazon Prime and all little dude wants to watch is YouTube. #WhatTheHell

I have 45 more minutes of work and he is mega restless. He keeps playing with my hoodie and grabbing my hair which he knows I am tender headed and will scream if he hurts my head. I’m sure that’s why he is doing it. He wants me to feel pain.

Now he has settled down and I can concentrate on the rest of my shift. I need more coffee, except the only way to get it is by walking to Mimi’s Cafe a few blocks away. I don’t want to subject the little guy again to the cold wintery weather. I need him to save his energy for NYC later this afternoon. I’m trying to convince him we need to leave sooner rather than later because as long as the sun is out, we will be warmer.

We are headed to the LEGO store and it closes on Sunday at 7 pm, so hopefully we will leave right after I finish work. He is really having a hard time facing the cold weather and just wants to stay inside. I don’t blame him. It’s freezing. He’s already decided he doesn’t want to see a show and that’s OK by me. He saved me $250.

That’s all for now. More to come.

– Ashley

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