365 Days of Blogging – Day 3 [January 4th]

Started the day off right in Elizabeth, New Jersey with a nice cup of coffee from Mimi’s Cafe a few blocks away. Made change with a $20, so the little guy could get a few things from the vending machine at our Airbnb. Now, I am working until 12 pm and then we will head into the city for some unplanned adventures at Chelsea Piers.

We need to buy a small umbrella stroller for the little guy because I walk a lot when I am in NYC and he can’t keep up. Also, he likes to sleep. The city noise puts him into a solid coma. Hoping to get one pretty quickly upon arrival at the NY Penn Station.undefined

I usually can find one at an I LOVE NYC novelty type shop, so here’s hopin’. In the meantime, I have an hour and a half left of work.

That’s all for now. More to come.

– Ashley

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