365 Days of Blogging – Day 1 [January 2nd]

Here we are in 2020. I wrote down some goals for this year that I feel are attainable and measurable, however, I am already behind on two of them.

  1. Wake up every morning at 5 am. (I didn’t do this today or yesterday :-/)
  2. Blog every day for 365 days. (I didn’t start until today :-/)
  3. Renew my passport. (I will do this in January)
  4. Do 200 workouts in 2020. (I am on track with this one! I worked out on January 1st at 8 am!)

I’m blogging for me. I want to remember everything that happens in 2020. I may post more than once per day, but the goal is to post every day. This morning, I am working while Layton is putting together a Star Wars LEGO. I’ve been working for about two hours and still have a little over 4 more to go. I’m watching the TODAY Show which is one of my favorite things to do.

Layton and I plan to leave for NYC tomorrow for a quick trip before he goes back to school. We are staying in the same place we did last Christmas (Elizabeth, New Jersey). Can’t wait to get away for a bit. I have no idea what we are going to do every day, but it will be fun to be together.

All for this post. More to come.


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